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It’s 11:00 p.m. and you have finally decided to sit down with a black cup of hot coffee, ready to start that 10 page research paper that you have pushed off until now. The ten page research paper is due tomorrow morning at 8am, so you realized that you have less than 9 hours to pull off a writing miracle.

The familiar unsettling feeling of anxiety sets in as you watch your clock tick before you. You are staring at the cursor blinking on a blank Word document, where the word count sits at zero, and you realize what a long night you have ahead. However, this feeling of panic and anxiety isn't uncommon to you, since this is not the first time you have pushed off a writing assignment till the last minute.


As you sit at your desk, sipping your bitter black coffee, you wonder to yourself why and how did you let it get this bad. Then, you realize that you have been pushing off writing this paper since it was first assigned weeks ago. You remorse and then promise yourself that next time, you will not procrastinate. But let’s be honest, you will probably go down this same road again, because the workload in college is nonstop.

Now instead of actually starting on your paper, you decide that since you have been doing all this thinking, you deserve a food break, so you go into the kitchen to find a snack. During this time, you will check your phone to see if anyone has texted you. Maybe you will post a snap of your snack and this unwritten assignment of yours to your friends, check your Instagram, or just browse through your Facebook news feed.

Does this sound familiar?

If you are smiling, then you probably agree with me that if it weren't for the last minute rush, nothing would ever get done. This is because you are a typical college student.  

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